We have experience working in a number of project models including, traditional client/contractor, community-based, and low-skilled training endeavors. We have worked with the UN to develop accessibility guidelines, corporate partners to ensure they are best meeting the needs of the local community, and individual families seeking accessible and responsible housing. 



Design solutions rely on research to gain understanding in the cultural, material, and socio-economic issues for each project. Engaging in research allows us to build relationships with partners, clients, and governing organizations. We build collaborations with the construction industry and those who share a common vision.


We consider new and old building technologies to find the right balance of practical, cultural, and community needs to best serve our local partners. We design the process of building as much as the building itself. These include materials and manufacturing research, utilizing local knowledge and skill bases, and placing emphasis on teaching best practices.



We consider education to be a primary goal of our work. Learning through doing transcends formal educational models, allowing our projects to become workshops whenever possible and appropriate.