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The Masoro Health Center is a campus that offers a diversity of experiences, and provides our client-community with improved hygiene standards and efficiency of use. We use the site’s severe topography to our advantage by composing a series of terraces and ramps to differentiate the major functions found in a health center in Rwanda: curative services, administrative function, preventive care and maternity services. The result is a diverse experience where the interior and exterior spaces and pathways are legible yet integrated to provide accessibility and physical connection. The design provides spaces that vary in size and configuration, privileging the pedestrian, and provides a flexibility of use for current and future needs.



The Masoro Health Center design and operation team understood healthcare as more than medical treatment alone. It involves services related to education, prevention, maintenance, and most importantly, access to all of its community members. This holistic vision of health was reflected in the Masoro Health Center design, programming and the maintenance plan. The generous donation from Kate Spade allowed us to engage Healthbuilders, health-care specialists who support the management functions of the health center, and Gardens for Health, an NGO committed to promoting nutrition and healthy eating by training farming and cooking techniques.

The meeting, administration and washing station buildings surround the terraced courtyard, where patients can rest and socialize with family and friends. The stepped auditorium acts as a demonstration kitchen where health practitioners and community members may participate in cooking and nutrition workshops, while surrounded by seasonal fruit and vegetable gardens. The guard station doubles as a kiosk where the community can collect filtered water, a precious commodity in the region. The check-in office offers respite from the sun, providing cool shade along with a striking view of the Masoro hills.



Apart from the new and renovated services and programs at the Masoro Health Center, this project embodies our non-profit organization’s commitment for inclusiveness in design and construction. We use building projects as a means to educate and train those who have traditionally been excluded from this process. Local men, women, and architecture students from University of Rwanda were introduced to novel design strategies and building techniques, and worked alongside skilled laborers throughout construction. Much of the construction to make the Masoro Health Center was performed by those outside of the building industry.