Aesthetics and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

The story of the African built environment is often told through historical perspectives of colonization and political crises, emphasizing the difficulties that African people have faced. Economic perspectives such as poverty, development and globalization also create stereotypes of the continent. Often missing from these are the transformations in space that result from daily and repeated use. These transformations emerge from ideas exchanged between people and their movements through their neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries. The quality of spaces that we may find will paint a complex picture of Africa.

Localizing Coordinates, an exhibition at Syracuse University’s Fisher Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York examines spatial identities in Sub-Saharan Africa through images created by people in Africa. Through photographic and videographic contributions from local design professionals and students, this exhibition investigates how the built environment has registered change, giving those outside the region new understandings of spaces in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With your participation, our exhibition aims to develop an inclusive and diverse dialogue on design practice worldwide. The exhibition accompanies an international symposium titled Aesthetics and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Accepted work will be exhibited at the Fisher Center from February 15 – March 15, 2016 and at www.gacollaborative.org.



February 15 - March 15, 2016



Syracuse University, Fisher Center NYC

136 Madison Avenue, Floor 2

New York, NY 10016


Exhibition Organizers:

  • Yutaka Sho |  GAC/ Syracuse University
  • Tyler Survant | Shop Architects
  • Michael Leighton Beaman | GAC/ Rhode Island School of Design


Submission Requirements:

For each project (building, landscape, infrastructure, etc.) please provide the following:


MEDIUM:   Photographs + Videos


SUBJECT:   Space that has changed in the last ten years. Please show people using the space.


FORMAT:   Three (3) images minimum for each project or space:

For buildings:  exterior view; interior view; and view of the space in context.

For landscapes:  urban spaces and infrastructure: from the outside looking in; from the inside looking out; and view of the space in context.



Photos:  .jpg  .png.tiff  

Videos:  .3gpp  .mpeg-4 .rtsp and Flash Lite


FILE SIZE:       

Photos: Less than 10 MB each.

Videos: Less than 100 MB each.


*Photos and videos from mobile devices and cameras are welcome.


FILE NAMING:     CountryName_CityName_BuildingProgram _View_FirstNameInitial_LastName.jpg.

                                Sample:   Ghana_Accra_Discotech_Interior_K_Nkrumah.jpg

SUBMITTING:     You can submit photos and videos two ways:

By email:  localizingcoordinates@gmail.com

By SMS  or WhatsApp to +1 315 314 2277


Submission Deadline:      

 November 01, 2015 @ 23:00 (GMT)



If you have questions or need assistance with your submission please  contact us at: