Jabana House Under Construction

  Masoro villagers using Earthbag construction technology to build exterior walls.

We have been working with villagers from Masoro Rwanda for the past three years to build houses for families and individuals who do not have access to safe, and secure homes.  The first house in this project was completed in December of 2013. We have been fundraising since then and this summer work on the second house began. Today that project is nearing completion.

Where I'm From | Poems from Rwandan Students

Alex Mcinnis, James Setzler, and Yutaka Sho have been working on documenting poems by architecture students in Rwanda. This collection of poems explores the cultural, political, and built environment of these students and how they envision their futures.  This is an ongoing collaboration between GA Collaborative and filmmaker Alex Mcinnis.  Alex has been working with us for three years on this and other projects.

Above Photo:  The Masoro Village Project  |  Photo:  James Setzler